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Why Architectural Precast?

Architectural Precast is the material choice for turning design dreams into concrete reality. Concrete has long been known as an effective and economical building material, but many designers are finding it to be more than that.

● Creative

Unlike any other building material, modern Architectural Precast can take nearly any shape a designer can imagine.

Natural flowing curves are just as easy as blocks and corners. A nearly infinite variety of textures, colors and finishes make this material at home in nearly any design.

● Versatile

Architectural Precast is versatile. It can be used in interior details and exterior accents, as well as significant structural elements.

It’s strong and weather-proof making it perfect for exterior use. It’s a comfortable fit for both large-scale projects with repeating elements as well as single-run, carefully designed creative pieces.

● Efficient

Fabricated off-site in a carefully controlled environment, Architectural Precast is an economical solution that perfectly balances the creativity of custom design with the cost-savings of production-line efficiency. Its low-maintenance nature gives it even greater cost savings over other materials.

● Green

Architectural Precast supports a Green Design philosophy, compliant with the LEED Green Building Rating System.

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