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Custom Architectural Precasts

If you can design it, there is a very good chance we can create it. A nearly infinite variety of shapes, finish textures and colors, and aggregate mixtures make custom precast concrete a flexible and ideal solution for a much wider variety of projects than you might think.

The unique nature of each custom project requires special care from our design team who will work with you to determine the best options to suit your needs.

Vancouver Concrete Precast Construction

They will make sure that every step of the process goes smoothly and your finished pieces come in right – on time, perfectly finished, and with no unexpected costs.

Whether you need large scale components for a major project, or detailed art-work for that one-of-a-kind installation, you can count on Michaels Precast knowing that we care for the elements of your design with the same care that you do.

If you are interested in learning how custom precast could work in your project, would like to understand the wide range of options available to you, please contact us. Of course, we are always ready to prepare a cost estimate for your design.

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