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Waste Water Septic Systems

Everywhere there are homes and businesses, there is a need to process waste water. Most people assume that this is handled by the city sewage system – and in many cases they would be right. But an increasing number of families and businesses are discovering that a private septic system is the right choice for them.

It used to be that these systems – often called septic systems – were only installed in rural locations where a hook-up to city sewage was not economical. But many people are choosing a private septic system for other reasons today. In the right circumstances they can be less expensive over time and more environmentally friendly than traditional city water processing.

At the most basic level all of these systems function in the same way. A large tank is buried in the ground. Waste water flows into it at one end and clean water flows into a drain field at the other end. In the tank, gravity and the natural process of bacteria and enzymes work to separate the particulate matter from the water, so that the water that emerges from the tank into the drain field is clean. A well-designed system can often perform this task without the need for any additional chemicals or additives.

Michaels Precast has a number of solutions to meet your septic needs. We are confident that from design to install we can provide you with the best service.

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